Who I Am

Tried. True. Fully tested… After many years of building, marketing & maintaining my arsenal of websites I can proudly say that I know what I’m talking about. Websites, marketing, and business in general. Small companies, big companies, flush ones and, sadly, bankrupt ones. Been there, done that. Don’t regret a minute of it… Troy Assaly started out with an entrepreneurial flare, running several businesses while in high school and for two years after graduation. He then completed a four-year Commerce Degree, majoring in Marketing and Computers, from the University of British Columbia. He has held several management positions since, including Hudson’s Bay Co., Sunkist Growers Inc., Blackcomb Mountain, Canadian Snowmobile & ATV Adventures, Eagle Ski Snowboard & Golf Tours and most recently www.ResortAc.com.

Through his experiences establishing and running several Whistler internet businesses, Troy has gained valuable insight into effective website design and hosting for business purposes.

Troy’s websites are constructed using various tools to allow for easy website changes. Troy’ goal is always to build sites that are easy to market and easy to modify, without hiring a team of programmers. FrontPage, ExpressionWeb, Composite.net, WordPress, and more.

In the event that you do need programmers, Troy has also networked with some amazing web designers and programmers over the years.

Why do business with Troy Assaly?

  • Smart marketing guy with 4-year UBC Marketing / Computer Degree
  • Extensive training in website marketing & direct response marketing
  • Experience in various business arenas
  • Driven, organized, self-starter