What I Do

With razor-sharp focus on your goals and budget, I provide website solutions that work. Most often this involves getting onto page one of Google for your valuable keyword search terms. If you need help managing your customer list or building one, I provide a range of modern solutions that are fast and affordable to set up and use…

For the past decade my focus has been driving website traffic and working on conversion… getting more transactions, sign-ups or downloads.

Broad topic, I’ll agree, but my continuous training in this field has honed my instincts.Google Engage

Page 1 on Google. We can do that.

Build a clean, new website. We can do that too.

Finally, it is easy to build good websites. Regardless of your business type, there are so many off-the-shelf solutions available right now.

Unless you have a totally unique idea there are WordPress themes and plugins that will scratch your itch… dominate your field quickly and easily without custom programming and long dev cycles.

Provided you have some content (text and images) you can pump out professional websites within a few days. Once your site is up and running I’ll help you to keep moving forward with content ideas and support while you take control of your websites.

If you do have a unique business website requirement, I’ve got connections with some good programmers. In addition, there’s a multitude of Web Developer talent available from around the globe… online right now.