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Many years of training and testing rendered down to marketing action items for you… :: Vacation Rentals Website

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An oldie but a goodie, this website has generated over $1 Million in revenue… The start of it all. Before Whistler even had a website, I decided that there was a business opportunity promoting vacation rentals to the world over the Internet. It’s been a long haul since 1995, but also the foundation for my ongoing web training. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears… and stacks of cash. Getting my idea to market involved custom software. Lots and lots of programming. Painful hours of design, programming, testing, success, and plenty of failure along the way. The good news is that off-the-shelf software is available for nearly any website idea you may have, including vacation rentals. If you are looking for a web solution for your business idea, I can...

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Affordable & Fast Websites

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Affordable & Fast Websites

Tech focused or not, you will love the features that come standard with WordPress… Literally hundreds of plugins that extend what WordPress does. Functionality is nearly limitless. Find a plugin off the shelf or do whatever you like with the WordPress code. Choice is all yours. We can help you decide best fit for your website.

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WordPress Hosting in Canada

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WordPress Hosting in Canada

Keep all your bits and bytes in Canada… on Eco-friendly servers We offer reliable and competitive-priced Canadian WordPress website hosting. Service is our specialty. Your websites are just as important as our own websites. We’ll prove it to you… if you give us a shot.   Website Hosting Sign...

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Responsive Website Designs

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Responsive Website Designs

Your website needs to look good on iEverything… easy reading and navigation without re-sizing, panning, and scrolling. We do that.

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Posted by on Sep 15, 2010 in Portfolio | Comments Off on :: Boat Rentals Website :: Boat Rentals Website grew from an idea in Glenn Gallie’s brain. His goal was to make the phone ring with boat reservations. Happy to report that the goal has been achieved and Glenn’s boat rental business is growing. Unplanned benefits of this website included Glenn’s ability to direct potential renters to important info and sales materials on the site. Instead of scribbling follow up notes when on his boats, then having to do sales calls after dinner, Glenn  can point new customers to important info on his website. When customers are ready to reserve a boat, they grab rental contracts online...

read more :: Natural Pain Relief Website

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Bob was looking for an easy way to set up the Canadian Distributor website for Tennant Biomodulator in the competitive natural pain relief niche. A hands-on kind of businessman, Bob wanted to have a step by step plan on how to get his content onto Google page 1. We came up with the plan based on the most important search keywords for Bob’s business. Bob also needed an easy content management system so he could add his words and images to his website and then keep his website up to date. We suggested and he liked it. In order to give Bob’s new site credibility and a more professional look, we suggested our quick and inexpensive logo design services. We went from concept to Google page 1 site in under a month. Nice...

read more :: Business Directory Website

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Traffic generation and links are key components of any successful website strategy. Since we started out in a very competitive market ~ Whistler Accommodations ~ we needed an easy way to get powerful links to our websites at a reasonable cost. While ski touring one day, I had a vision… a Whistler business directory filled with useful info. A collection of search-optimized pages about businesses that get searched every day of the year. The important part of this vision was to include only the Whistler accommodation websites where our vacation rental homes are featured. Brilliant. Back in the 90’s it was time consuming and expensive to create a custom business directory, but times have changed. If your business vision includes dominating a directory in your niche, we can help. Quickly. And for less than you might...

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Ricardo is a great chef, no doubt, but when he told me he wanted to take control of his website I was a bit worried. That was several years ago now, and I’m happy to report that Ricardo & Sue have taken control of their website and embraced lots of cool new technology… and business has prospered. One large piece of the puzzle was online dinner reservations. Being the techie guy that I am, it was a pleasure digging through the maze of restaurant reservation systems to find the best fit for Ricardo’s. If you could use automation software in your business, but don’t know where to turn, I can...

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This real estate developer had lots of experience with ‘Ad Agencies’ & ‘Web Agencies’ and was tired of the slow process, high cost, and lack of results… We fixed that by targeting specific keywords for this site, then setting up a website with high-quality info and a strong call to action. The rest is history now that Seasons is through the building phase. Although this client is computer-savvy, he is not interested in becoming a web designer. Instead, he prefers to get together on a regular basis, look over my shoulder, and tell me what needs to be added or changed on his websites. Over the years we have worked together on marketing ideas, strategy, and presenting a useful website that consistently generates real estate...

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Val is great friend who has done well in the natural health business for decades, but she isn’t crazy about learning new web stuff… We worked together, from the basics to the finished website, to train Val how to build her own site with Microsoft FrontPage. Day by day, product by product, Val created content-rich pages that pull in traffic from valuable target keyword searches. This site is getting dated now, and FrontPage has been discontinued by Microsoft; however, the site still pulls in lots of valuable leads for Val’s natural health business. It’s always a pleasure for me to work with clients, together, to create a valuable marketing tool for their business. It is often possible to copy and paste traditional sales materials into a new website to get the ball rolling… then ad some of your own personality and expertise create a website that generates valuable business leads. This website may not win any artistic design awards, but it is very effective at generating new customers at a very low cost per...

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